Rain, Rain and Rain

Honestly, I don’t know how you folks in the Pacific Northwest do it. All this rain over the past 5 days is driving me nuts. My training is continuing, but it has been a real effort. Lots of time on the treadmill and trainer….which I absolutely hate. I just get so bored, I can’t take it. I’ve tried watching movies, sitcoms, listening to music, you name it but I still get so bored.

I had a long run of 13 miles slated for Sunday but I had to try and do it on the treadmill. I failed miserably. I was able to make it 8 miles and that was it…I had enough. I was about to jump out of my own head. Contrast that with today’s morning run of 9 miles outside (still in the rain) and it was like a completely different activity. No problem at all. I hope I don’t need to do more than the occasional emergency sessions on the trainer and treadmill.

Swimming has been fun in the rain. I really enjoy it. I’m starting to burn out a bit on the run focus, so I’m going to do a bit more swimming over the next week or so. The good thing about swimming is how easy it is on your body and how quickly you recover. So you can throw lots of swimming in with very little cost to your recovery time. When you throw a shitload of running in, that really takes it’s toll.

It’s suppose to clear up in the next couple days and I can’t wait. I’ve never seen rain this consistent for this long. I mean, it has not stopped once. Usually in a storm over 5-6 days, we will have periods where it will stop for a little while. Not this one. Oh well, working through it to hopefully come out stronger on the other side. That’s the most positive way I can look at it.

About Dusty Nabor

I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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