Scary Moment Today

First ride on the new wheels and everything was going great till about mile 34. Descending down Westlake Blvd at about 26mph, my tire desides to come off the rim. I was almots able to save it but ended up going down.

Lesson learned here. The wheels came to me with the tires already installed. I was going to have my mechanic (Win Allen) take them off and reinstall them but he had to go away for the weekend. So I decided to ride them as is. Bad mistake! I will never, ever trust someone to glue my tires that I don’t know. My crash today could have been horrible given the steepness of the canyon, cars, cliffs, whatever. Luckily I came out of it ok and will be back to training in a few minutes as I’m heading out for a run.

Be safe out there….close call today…yeesh!

About Dusty Nabor

I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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2 Responses to Scary Moment Today

  1. ahaberkorn says:

    Damn! Glad you’re okay. More importantly, how’s the bike? ha

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