Christmas in Santa Ynez

This year Ashley and I decided to head up to Santa Ynez on Christmas Day to her folks house. It’s an amazing piece of property on a mountain top over looking the Santa Ynez Valley. We had a blast with a wonderful dinner, some pool playing, opening presents, lots of drinking, and best of all….flying Bob’s helicopter that I got him.

Bob Flying his new Helicopter

These new S107 Helicopters are so indestructible….they just take so much abuse and keep flying. At least that’s what I was telling everyone. Then Bobby, Ashley’s bother, managed to break it..LOL. They are pretty cheap though, so I’m sending Bob a new one as I type this.

I was also a rampant picture taker with my new camera I bought myself. I absolutely love this SLR. So much easier to take quality photos with a good camera.

Here is a pic of Ashley's family

I also had a wonderful run the morning after. It had rained up there that night but had stopped before dawn. I left the house around 7am and headed down the hill. Everything was still wet and it was a brisk but perfect 50 degrees out. The sun was just cresting the mountains and peaking over, illuminating all the left over water droplets. Absolutely gorgeous….One of the prettiest runs I have ever taken. Great way to end the weekend.

Here are some more photos.

Ashley and I

Bobby and his Gift Cards

Ashley's swing

Bob and Noni opening their Basket

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I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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2 Responses to Christmas in Santa Ynez

  1. Jayme says:

    What kind of camera did you get? And I love the visual of your run, it makes me want to go running.

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