Year End Wrap Up 

I thought I’d put down some quick thoughts on this year since I’m basically done racing for 2016. Looking back, it was a very solid year from a couple different perspectives. Number one, I learned a lot. That’s always a priority for me. To always be growing and moving forward in whatever I do. I definitely made some great strides forward this year as far as racing, training and how to balance those with a life that sometimes seems to revolve around them.  Number two, I realized I’m still into this sport. I had so much fun in the later part of the year and am still excited on training and racing even after a somewhat full season.

The beginning of the year started pretty lackluster. I wasn’t “injured” but had some nagging soreness that sidelined my run for a while. I was also pretty tired and sick of training from a long 2015. I tried to be smart about my level of enthusiasm and entered the first two races of the year (Desert Tri and Oceanside) with a different attitude. An attitude based purely and simply on having fun. That’s it. No performance goals or expectations. I would do the races just for fun. This plan worked perfectly. As you would expect, the performances and times were very slightly off, and that was just fine. I was happy and having a great time. This carried over into Wildflower but with a different result. At that race, I wasn’t really “into it” at all and completely self sabotaged my performance with 8 or was it 9 Session IPA’s the day before. I wound up pulling out of the race after the bike. My reason? I was tired and not having any fun. I’ve decided to really do what I want to do. If I don’t feel like racing, I don’t race. This doesn’t mean I’m just out there screwing around. It means that I’m going to do what I feel like doing for the sake of longevity and sustainability in the sport.

This led to the middle of the season and Ironman 70.3 CDA. Again, I went in with the primary goal of having fun, but this time I would also give it a go, so to speak. I had an awesome performance for me, had fun doing it and had a wonderful time with teammates and Karin. After CDA was IMLP. Sort of the big race for the year. I went into it feeling great, well rested and excited to race. I had some weird problems at IMLP and decided to abandon after the bike. I really thought something was sort of medically wrong with me. After some solid investigation, a battery of medical tests and introspection, I realized I was just being a baby. I could have easily done the run. It might not have been up to what I was shooting for, but I was capable. I’ll give another IM a go next year at Vineman.

Last race of the year was 70.3 Worlds in Mooloolaba Australia. What a great trip and a great race. Throughout the lead up to CDA, IMLP and Worlds, I sort of fell in love with the sport again. I was starting to really enjoy training and got into fantastic shape for Australia. I’m excited to begin again for next year. Anyway, back to Worlds, had a great race. Did everything I wanted to do and was very happy. I don’t have a very good track record at big world champ or national champ races, so to go out and really perform well was invigorating.

Now, Karin and I are done for the year with anything planned. If we show up at a race, it will be a spur of the moment decision. We have some ideas of what we might do. We’ll see.

I also wanted to say that I’m going to start doing some coaching. I have been hesitant in the past but I feel like I have some good ideas to share and would like to see how I enjoy the experience of helping others be better athletes. In truth, I just basically broke down to the peer pressure. But, I’m only gonna take on maybe a handful of athletes. I want to make sure everyone gets the individual attention they deserve and I simply don’t have the time to handle as many athletes as have requested. If you would like to work with me, Shoot me an email at I will be selecting athletes soon and working under the Accelerate 3 banner with Brian Stover. He’ll be my resource and guidance into this new arena.



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