2014….New year and some new goals.

I’ve purposefully laid off the blog posts. I definitely needed some down time away from the “sport”. My last post was right after 70.3 WC’s and I was BURNT.  It literally took 3-4 weeks before I began to feel remotely fresh again. I learned a lot the second half of last season. Lessons I will not forget. Most importantly was that you can take 3-4 weeks completely off and the world doesn’t come to an end. You can do other things after that off time to stay “in shape”. Swim sessions don’t have to be crazy hard long sets. Biking doesn’t have to be aero intervals. Running doesn’t…..doesn’t….well, doesn’t have to be at all if you don’t want it to. This isn’t my livelihood like a professional athlete. It’s great to have dedication and to put in consistent training but when the wheels start to come off, geez, take a step back and relax. Put some fun back into it.

So what I did was cap all swim sessions to 2k. They were always a generous mix of stroke, fins, buoys. Not a lot of pure freestyle. 2k always seemed to be the point where I was done swimming….so that’s when I’d get out. If I felt good, too bad, I got out. I parked the TT bike. I hated that thing. I didn’t touch it for months after Vegas and that was just to clean it. I started mountain biking and getting back to my roots from Motocross. It was great. The rides were so much more engaging and less monotonous. I also capped those at around 90 mins.

6 Hours of Temecula

6 Hours of Temecula

I did do one mountain bike race with my friend James Adams. It was a 6 hour relay. Really fun but really tough as well. Karin also participated in the single lap division and apparently that was plenty for her.

Running suffered a small set back in November but because of being proactive and communicating with my coach, we were able to rope it in quickly and I’m now running pain free again. Volume isn’t where it should be but again, who cares…it’s not all about that.

Looking at 2014 has been difficult or I should say, was difficult. Now that I’m rested and relaxed, it’s much easier to see through the fog. I’ve decided to concentrate on what I’m good at and take a step back from half ironmans and do a few more Olympics. I’m simply not a fast enough runner yet to be competitive at the HIM distance. I’m much more suited for races that have a heavier weighting towards swim and bike. I still enjoy the HIM distance so I will race a few (Wildflower, Honu and Vineman). If I do happen to qualify for a World Champ spot in Mt Tremblot, I’m not going to take it. I’ll concentrate on supporting Karin at that race. As for Olympics, I’ll be doing Desert Tri, Chicago ITU, AG Nationals and Nautica Malibu.

Last but certainly not least, I’m going to take a run at Xterra triathlons and securing a spot at Maui next year for the World Championships. I’m confident enough that I will qualify that I’ve already booked my stay. Nothing like a little fear motivation!! Xterra schedule will be Las Vegas, Snow Valley, Ogden Ut and hoping for Maui! I’m excited to take on this new form of racing.

I’ll still be racing for Wattie Ink next year. Look for some very big things coming from us. Wattie Ink has been steadily growing over the last couple years and there is a ton of exciting news coming out about the brand. Definitely stay tuned!

This short blog doesn’t begin to touch on all the great things that happened in the last 4-5 months but that’s ok. It doesn’t have to. I’ve had a blast recuperating and have become reinvigorated for the next season. It’s gonna be great. See you all at Desert Tri!

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4 Responses to 2014….New year and some new goals.

  1. Love to hear about new athletes in XTERRA – looks like a great schedule!

  2. Scott says:

    I wanna hear about the aero camp!

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