Pasadena Triathlon and Duathlon 2011

Even though I wasn’t able to do this race because of my healing injury, I was in attendance for Ashley to compete in the Duathlon. I was designated official photographer and support. I also met up with Scott Cheney and Jeffrey Ku, two extremely fast 35-39 yo’s that I met through LA Tri. So I decided to take some photos of them as well.

The Pasadena Tri is a great race that goes around the Rose Bowl. It starts with a 5k+ run followed by a 15K bike and a 150 LCM swim. The duathlon has the same first two legs and then the athletes head back out for another 5K+ run. I say 5K+ because the run is actually like a 5.5k or so.

There was also a standalone 5K that went off first. The photo above is the start of the duathlon and you can see Ashley front and center. She has been sick the last week and her workouts were basically zero, so the first 5k was just a matter of getting her legs. She did great and came into transition in 4th place overall female and 1st in division.

Left: Jeffrey Ku / Right: Scott Cheney

The start of the triathlon was next. Again, my subjects Scott and Jeff were front and center. Scott is the two time reigning champion and was looking to make it a threepete. Jeff didn’t race last year but was looking to give Scott a run for his money.









Jeffrey Ku coming into T1

After the start I had a few minutes to head over to transition and watch everyone come in and get on the bikes for the three loops around the Rose Bowl. Scott came in before Jeff and just a minute or so behind the overall leader.









By that time Scott was already heading out of transition with Jeffrey just behind

After the boys came and gone at their ridiculous pace, Ashley made her way into T1

I made my way back to the bike course and everyone was doing great….here are some pics from the action.

Scott racing down 1st place

Jeff trying to track down Scott

Ashley charging!

Basically nothing changed throughout the bike. Everyone was making up time on the bike though. Ashley closed in on 3rd overall with the fastest 25-29 yo bike split in the entire race including the triathlon. Scott made up some ground as well on 1st overall and was able to make the pass in the pool. Ashley was unable to close onto third on the run though.

Results were Scott finished 1st overall for the 3rd year in a row. Jeffrey finished 4th in 35-39 and 7th overall. Ashley came in 4th overall female and first in division in the duathlon

Congrats to everyone!



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