Small Time Savings Add Up!

I thought I would write a quick blog post before my Desert Triathlon Race Report just because I wanted to convey a couple things that stood out to me this time around and happened to have a significant impact on the outcome of the race.

Two things about small time savings…of course there are many and they all add up but these two were especially critical yesterday. First, Transitions. Practice your transitions. I finished in 2nd place in my age group yesterday and was being hunted down by significantly better runners in 3rd and 4th. They finished 22 seconds and 31 seconds back respectively. Can I trace those seconds back? I sure can. I beat them in transition. That’s it. My combined T1 and T2 beat 3rd by 31 seconds and 4th by 29. If my transitions had matched theirs, I would have finished third and beat 4th by 2 seconds. Well, I guarantee if 4th was 2 seconds back at the finish, he would have made the effort to out sprint me….and would have easily been able to knowing the run caliber of my good friend Jeffrey Ku, who finished 4th.

The difference was a podium or 4th….that’s significant for NO EXTRA PHYSICAL EFFORT….just being a little smarter. I snapped this shot of transition…see if you can figure out which one is mine. Do you need more than a pair of shoes on the ground and your bib and hat/visor? NO. Yet look at the campsites around me….the more clutter, the slower you go. Keep it simple….and practice your routine.




The second thing I wanted to talk about, without going too in depth, is bike setup. I don’t push a lot of watts but I am a decent triathlon cyclist. One reason is that I put a lot of thought into my setup. Again, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Here’s a pic of my setup for this past weekend. This isn’t posted to show how pretty my bike is, in fact it looks ridiculous because I had to go to a back up front wheel when I got to the race and found a problem with my primary front. Rather, it’s to show simplicity. There just is NOT a lot going on. Yes, I even ran a round bottle on the down tube. I know this is a time penalty but I acknowledge that and made the decision from a practical standpoint and not one of ignorance. Sometimes we make decisions not based on pure speed but that is not an excuse for knowing what’s fast and what’s not. Generally, you’d be ok with just a solid fit keeping aero and power in mind and not hanging 14 gallons of water and three pizza boxes off your bike. You don’t have to be an aero geek…just seek out a little info on a good wheel setup, some good rolling tire and tube setups and as simple a nutrition fixture as possible….and you’re probably 90% there. Just be cognizant that these things do matter and can/do have a significant impact on races.


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I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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7 Responses to Small Time Savings Add Up!

  1. Elliot says:

    Nice post. I agree with all, especially the transitions. Great job this weekend!!!

  2. great job! I very much agree in the little things…. :))))

  3. karin langer says:

    I agree with none of this. NONE!
    LOL J/K but I do put my stuff on a little towel that I swipe my feets over before jumping on bike or shoving on run shoes. I did a race with a piece of gravel between my toes once. It sucked and def cost me seconds just due to discomfort.

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