Gonna Have to Reevaluate 2012

It’s never easy to have things not go as planned. You sit around all November and December and figure out your goals for the next year only to have them basically flushed down the toilet by May….LOL. But, you have to be versatile and roll with it. There is no sense in getting frustrated and upset over things you can’t really control. The only thing you can do is continually make the best decisions you can based on the information you have at the time….

So, what’s going on. The stress fracture and ankle problems I encountered for the first part of this year are on the mend and feeling really good. I started running again about 3 weeks ago and it has been going really well. However, my coach and I have been very conservative with the running. We’re talking about 5 minute runs to start. Currently, I’m up to about 15 minutes. I can tell that this amount of running is appropriate, ie if I were to run more, I would probably re-injure the bone. So we are building back strength and fitness slowly and carefully.

The problem is, it’s too slow to make Boise 70.3. I simply won’t be ready to go and race competitively. I probably won’t be ready for some time. So plans have to change. I have decided to take Vegas 70.3 WC off the table. I don’t need that pressure when dealing with this type of injury. It just leads to bad decisions when you are trying to stick to a time table that is not based around your physical condition. I need to be mindful of my body and realize I can do much better if I’m healed completely than trying to make some race that will probably just leave me hurt.

I have decided to not race any tri’s throughout the summer. I’m going to stick to cycling races and swim meets as well as some open water swim events I would like to do. I also have Santa Barbara Aquathon that I’m signed up for. Throughout the summer I will be building my run back up into top shape. I’m going to attend Vegas 70.3 WC’s and throw a nice get together for my friends and Wattie teammates racing at my house in Henderson which will be a blast. After that race, I’m going to reevaluate a late season charge…including Nautica Malibu, LA Tri and probably Soma…at least, that’s what it looks like now.

Hopefully everything goes well…but if it doesn’t, we’ll reevaluate again. No stress and no frustration…just take it as it comes.


About Dusty Nabor

I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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2 Responses to Gonna Have to Reevaluate 2012

  1. brianestover says:

    I’m always up for a good party. Beer, some shots and a pool. What can go wrong?

  2. Jaclyn Embry says:

    Sounds like a great plan, hope it all works out.

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