It’s not as bad as I thought

Well, it is and it isn’t.

Good news and bad news….which one you want first? Since you can’t answer, I’ll give you the bad first. I can’t run for 4 weeks. The good news? I can do everything else. Yay!

So, I have a stress reaction/fracture/bone bruise on my right Tibia…or rather, in my right Tibia. That needs 4 weeks to heal through no load-impact activity. ie running as it pertains to me. The only other thing I can’t do is push off the wall with that foot during swimming. It had been 8 days of wearing the boot until I saw my Ortho. At that time, all the pain in my ankle from the torn ligaments and stuff had subsided. Doctor said as long as I have full range of motion, with no pain and wear a supportive shoe, I’d be ok to go without the boot. So I chucked that thing. He also said I was good to cycle and swim. As mentioned, I can’t push off the walls and I shouldn’t use fins or do extended kick sets…hey, fine by me. I hate kicking.

I have to admit that the down time over the last week and a half has been nice. I would have rather it culminated with a race but what can you do. Life happens. I’ve decided that through the month of April, while my Tibia heals, I will do some bike racing. I’m still waiting for my new schedule from my coach that I will get Sunday to see what he has planned for me. Last time I left it, I gave him all the above info and he was going to think about what direction to go…really, he’s thinking about how much swimming to keep on the schedule while I risk my life Cat 5 racing.

This weekend will be my first Criterium in Buellton, Ca. I’m going to take the plunge and go out there with the other Cat 5 newbies and see what I can do. I’m not expecting much. I’m just really going out there to see what it’s all about. On Sunday, I’m heading to Piru, Ca. for a 20K TT. This style of racing I know and I’m looking to do well and set a new bench mark for this distance. I also have a bit more “fancy” TT gear than last time and am looking to try that out.

At the beginning of May, I will head back to the doctor and if I have no soreness or tenderness, I’ll start running again. Slowly but surely. Boise 70.3 is still the priority to qualify for Vegas 70.3 WC. More good news is that Boise 70.3 received 100 Vegas slots as opposed to the 30 slots before, in an effort to boost entries. That means that 35-39 men will probably get close to 15 slots. That takes a little pressure off me as I wouldn’t need to be quit at full speed in order to qualify…just have a solid race.

That’s it for now…I’ll check back soon to let everyone know how the bike racing is going.

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I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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1 Response to It’s not as bad as I thought

  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear that- I had a bone bruise/stress reaction on my femur from a soccer tackle 1.5year ago….that thing hurt! It did take quite a while to heal, but once it did it was all good. So, enjoy the road racing and one day you will be over the hump with the bone injury. So, I have lots of ideas for healing (just depends if you have a home e-stim unit and such) but keep the blood flow going…and for pain I used arnica (nat supplement for bone bruising). If I can remember anything else I will let you know. :)))))

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