The Ankle is Officially Screwed…

I’m sitting here typing this with my new friend “The Boot” on my ankle and foot. I got the report back on my MRI today and it wasn’t good. Lot’s going on. I actually have to go back in for another imaging to rule out a stress fracture as the MRI I had done did not go up that far on my calf.

Basically, lots of tendons with tears, some edema usually associated with a stress reaction, and a possible stress fracture. I’m going to see a couple doctors just to make sure I’m on the right path to recovery.

The funny thing about all this is that I’m very used to being hurt…but I’m not used to it ever hindering my ability to do something. I’ve race motorcycles with broken bones, massive road rash, sprained everything, a separated shoulder….you name it and I’ve raced through it. As long as you didn’t crash again, you probably could heal through any injury.

Now, it’s the opposite. Triathlon requires you to be healthy…sure, I could get through one race right now. I could go down to Oceanside 70.3 and if I had to, finish that race…no problem. Except that I may do further damage and then be out for the year…or longer. It’s weird to me to have an injury that I can absolutely grit it through but yet be sidelined for 4-6 weeks. I’m not used to being so cautious. I’m used to sucking it up and just plowing forward. That’s been my MO for so long. This sport is different though. It’s not about one race. It’s about a lifestyle. A healthy one.

So, I’ll kick back for a month or so and get some stuff done that I have been meaning to do. I have to say that it is rather relieving to at least know what’s going on and be able to track real progress when it comes to healing. I will do what I can. Right now, of course, running is out. I may be able to swim with a buoy and band without pushing off the walls. Cycling is an unknown and I’m going to leave that up to the doctors.

The break will also do me good. It’s always nice to relight the fire….not that I really need that because crushing dreams is my business….but I will relax for a while and be back when the time is right. I’m still looking to be healthy for Boise 70.3 and take a shot at a Vegas slot.

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I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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1 Response to The Ankle is Officially Screwed…

  1. brianestover says:

    Dude, seriously. You’re killing me.

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