Impromptu Swim Meet – UC Irvine Masters SCY

On Friday afternoon I managed to make the noon CVMM swim workout and saw friends Jordan Rapp and Jason Pederson. After the workout, Jordan reminded me that the UC Irvine Masters Swim Meet was on Sunday…hmmm. The weather here in L.A. over the weekend was expected to be terrible and there was a chance I wasn’t going to be able to get any riding in. So I decided on Saturday to sign up. I decided after a rather lackluster swim workout on Saturday to forgo the early morning 500 Free and instead, sleep in, get a good breakfast and head down for the second half of the meet starting at 10:30am. I entered 3 events: 200 Free, 100 Free and 100 IM….yup…I said it…100 Individual Medley. I’m a fricken swimmer! lol…

Got down to Irvine at about 9:30am to find Jordan just coming out of the pool from his 500. I was greeted by cold, windy conditions and a cold pool as well. I decided to just hang out until about a half hour before my first race, the 200 Free, to get my warm up in. Jordan and I were the only ones there from CVMM, our masters team, and we sought shelter by the locker rooms for a while. I finally got in the pool and went through about a 1k warm up.

Small problem arose after my warm up when I realized my race suit was too big! Since my last meet, about two months ago, I’ve lost some of the off season weight, ~8lbs, and I was now swimming in my race jammers, no pun intended. Luckily I had a pair of blueseventy briefs that I could race in. Guess I need to order a new suit….

200 Free – 2:09:91

I seeded my last time of 2:11:46 and found lane 1. I had a great first 100 at 1:02:15 and felt great but after about 125 yards, it was apparent I went out just a touch fast. I faded pretty bad in the last 50 yards and went 1:07:76. Although my last 50 was faster than my third, I think I left a second or two out there by going out that fast. Form fell apart and my last two turns sucked. This is a really tough race to pace but I felt I did well and PR’d by about 2 seconds.

100 Free – 57:47

Next up was the 100 Free. This is kind of “my event”. I love this distance. I seeded a time of 59:17 from my last meet. I felt at the last meet, I didn’t execute the race well. So this time I was focused on the blocks of just having 3 solid turns with good streamlining. I did well and executed very well. My turns were timed well and I came off all three of them strong. This was exactly a 1.5 second PR.

100 IM – 1:13:03

My coach, Brian Stover, told me to swim at least 1 Individual Medley event…so I picked the 100. No way I was swimming the 200 and drowning after 45 yards of 50 fly. I seeded with a time of 1:20:00 which I completely pulled out of my ass. There was only one real problem; I had no idea how to do a turn from backstroke to breast…I had never done one. I sorta practiced them in warm up. I did ok with the 25 fly and I was off onto the backstroke. I coasted into the wall…lol….about a stroke short and turned and went. At that point, I made a mistake. I forgot I was on breast with all the concern with the turn. I took one free arm pull and realized I should be doing breaststroke…lol. I guess no one saw because I wasn’t DQ’d. After that, I basically swam it in because I know breast and free…Anyway, I set a new PR for this event and it will be fun to try and break it at the next meet. Jordan does have video evidence of the screw up!

All in all, I was very happy with my performances and look forward to the next meet. It is weird to go race and have a total of about 5 minutes of racing…refreshing in a good way.

About Dusty Nabor

I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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2 Responses to Impromptu Swim Meet – UC Irvine Masters SCY

  1. Elliot says:

    There’s no way I could do IM. I’d look like a fool! Nice job Dusty!

  2. Damie says:

    Wow! Nice times!!!!

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