Ashley’s 1 Hour Postal Swim

Getting Ready

As most of you know, Ashley has been away visiting a friend in Hawaii this past week. While she was there she expressed some interest in doing the CVMM 1 Hour Postal swim on Saturday. Ummmmm, ok? I had no idea this would be something she would want to participate in. It’s a daunting task to say the least. Ashley has come a long way in her swim since starting up earlier this year. She had no prior swim experience before that. She arrived home Friday afternoon and we went straight to Masters practice from the airport….you guessed it, her first Masters practice ever….lol. She did great and the next day she was on her way to CLU for the 1 hour swim.

Making it look easy!

She was in the second heat and I got the “honor” of timing and counting laps for her. She got some great advice from other swimmers on the deck…just start slow and try and keep your mind occupied. I told her that if she needed to stop to take a rest or get some nutrition, that was totally ok. She met her lane mate for the next hour and before she knew it, she was off.

Immediately she settled into the pace I figured she could hold for the hour. Like clockwork, she cranked off the same 50’s consistently. She was pacing great. She never once stopped and just motored the whole hour. In fact, much to her credit, over the last 10 minutes, she negative split the event. Dropping her 50 times by about 1-2 seconds over the last 500 yards. She finished with a total of 3325 yards. Well over her goal of 3000. She came out of the water like she could do another hour.

Watch out for this girl when she gets some serious time in the pool!

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  1. That is awesome!!! Nice swimming for sure.

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