Piru 20K TT – Ashley’s Turn

The very next day after the 40K TT at Piru, Ashley and I headed back up there for her 20K TT. We were accompanied by Ashley’s cousin, Kirsten, who came along to support. Uncle Tren Race Promotions holds a 20K TT the day after and according to Tren, it’s always the more popular choice. Today was no exception. There were at least 4-5x as many people participating today than the previous day. I guess the shorter distance is more appealing.

Ashley warmed up the same as I did the day before with a 20 minute trainer session. Then a quick spin up the road. This turned out to be more eventful then she had planned. At the end of the rural road, she encountered some loose gravel and while turning around to come back, fell over. Quickly she looked around to make sure no one saw. Luckily, she was alone. She came back and told us that she fell but there were only a couple scrapes on the skewers and that was it. She was just fine.

Getting warmed up.....

After a good warm up and just before the start, she was sweating bullets. Both literally and figuratively. For some reason, she was extremely nervous about the start of the race. We even practiced in the street in front of the house the day before.


I think it was much more a fear of the unknown than anything technically difficult about having someone hold your seat and let you ride off down a back road. She lined up and was ready to go.

Waiting in line to start

Conditions were good today. Not quit as windy as the previous day. I also brought a HED 4 for Ashley to run if the wind kicked up. But she loves running that deep 9. I think it gives her a mental edge just because it looks so badass. Riders left in 30 second intervals so the line moved quickly.

On the starting block

I made sure to mention to the starter that this was Ashley’s first time and he responded, “That’s ok!” and proceeded to give her great instructions. Moments later, she was off.




After a while the first riders started coming in as this was an out and back course. Ashley appeared soon after completing the course in 36:54 at 20.1mph on 148 watts. Awesome for her first time out and 1st in her division. I was so proud that she did it and she is already talking about the next one. I guess I better invest in a skin suit for her!

Coming across the finish line

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4 Responses to Piru 20K TT – Ashley’s Turn

  1. Mattman says:

    Ash – kickin butt!!! Dusty you better watch out, next race she many just ride over ya.

  2. brianestover says:

    Nice front wheel! Great looking position as well.

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