Accelerate 3 Training Camp – Tucson AZ Days 3&4

Day three started with a ride from Udall Park up to Mt Lemmon. This was a solid climb. I actually felt a little better than I did up Kitt Peak and was able to stay with Brian the whole way and actually pull away a bit at the top. During the 4300′ climb, Paulo Sousa’s squad was steadily coming by us…Pedro Gomes was first followed by Chris Colbe and Trevor Wurtele to name a few. We turned around at about the 13-14 mile mark and the descent was a BLAST….what a great ride. After we returned from the bike I went back to my room and got some rest before a brief 12 minute run to test out the injury. This was the first run without any pain. Not going to get too excited about it but Brian did schedule some regular, very short jogs to get me running again…let’s keep our fingers crossed.

At around 4pm, we headed to the U of A pool for a workout….but we were locked out! Brian had to make some phone calls but someone finally showed up to let us in. First main set was 600 meters negative splitting the 200’s…I went 3:05, 3:01, 2:58…and really put myself in the hurt locker doing it. So on the next set, I died…I literally fell into a hole and couldn’t get out. This was the first time at this camp where I really felt like I couldn’t do any more. I barely finished out the set and did my cool down.

Day 4 was suppose to be just a nice aerobic ride. The Tucson weather had other ideas. It was COLD with some snow flurries and some pretty bad wind. Making what was suppose to be a recovery ride into a rather tough adventure. Add to that Brian’s two flat tires and by the time we hit Brian’s house, I think we were all done.

Looking back on the 4 day camp, it was an amazing learning experience. I have never put my body through that kind of volume and intensity. It was very eye opening to see how I would be able to handle it. I was very encouraged that I didn’t completely fall apart and right now as I sit writing this, I actually feel pretty good. I fly back tonight and have a couple of easier days ahead. Looking forward to them.

Next race is this coming weekend in La Quinta, Ca. for the Desert Int Triathlon. I’m going to be doing the International Distance but only the swim and bike. I’m still not ok to run a 6 mile run, so I will gracefully bow out after T2 and pack it in. I’m going to use the bike as another 1 hour power test. Looking forward to toeing the line again, even if I know ahead of the time I won’t be making it to the finish line. Have to think long term with this season….lot’s of racing ahead.

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