Accelerate 3 Training Camp – Tucson AZ Days 1&2

Arrived in Tucson a day early on Weds to get in, get settled and get ready for the 4 day training camp that my coach Brian Stover of Accelerate 3 has planned for us. I met up with Brian about an hour after my plane landed to go to the local pool and get in a swim that evening. Nothing fancy, just a solid hour swim.

Day started at Rillito River Park for an interval run…well, an interval run for everyone else and a 14 minute run for me. Abdomen still isn’t completely healed so I’m on restricted running. I left the pack after about 7 minutes and turned back. My injury didn’t feel too bad and I’m hopeful I’ll be back running again soon. After the morning run session we regrouped at U of A Hillenbrand Pool for a pretty stout workout. Upon our arrival, there were some pro’s just getting finished. Mirinda Carfrae, Hillary Biscay, Maik Tweilsik (or however you spell his name) to name a few. I’m quickly learning that Tucson is like triathlon central. Pro’s everywhere training. The pool was a short course meter pool and we knocked out about 3600 meters or just under 4K yards. Felt pretty good and Brian is helping me with my stroke. After our swim it was time to hit the bikes. It was a 3.5 hour aerobic ride with three killer hills. Not long or anything but King of the Mountain points were on the line so they were plenty painful. The group stayed together very well and we had a really fun ride. Weather was real nice.

Day two started back at the pool….but this time, because we were earlier, we were swimming with all the pro’s and the U of A swim team as well. Pretty much every lane was taken. Cliff English was there with his gigantic group and Paulo Sousa was there with his Triathlon Squad. We were stuck in the corner. Pretty tired from the previous day, it took me a while to get warmed up. We finished with 3400SCM and called it because Brian knew we had a tough ride ahead. We loaded up the cars and carpooled out to the base of Kitt Peak. The longest, meanest climb in southern Arizona. We pace lined it about 16 miles to the actual base and regrouped to start the climb. While we were sitting there, some illegals ran across the road on their way to freedom….that was very strange but being so close to the Mexican boarder, I guess it is a fairly common occurrence. This climb was pure hell. 12 miles of constant 7-8% grade. I was 4th up the hill and I seriously ran out of gas about half way up. By far the longest single climb I’ve done. I was hanging on to Brian for about 4-5 miles before I popped. I made it though…barely. Very pretty at the top with the Observatory up there with some snow and ice to boot. 4500′ of climbing on one ascent was all I could handle. The descent was tough too….speeds were so high that any bit of wind and you thought you were gonna die. I took it easy. Once we hit the main road, we had a nice tail wind and pinned it back to the cars. I actually feel a little better today than I did yesterday. Gonna get some sleep now because we are climbing Mount Lemmon in the morning. Off to bed!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

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