Surf City Half Marathon

No…I’m not running yet…lol. I went to Huntington Beach this weekend with Ashley and also met up with David and Michelle Greathouse for the Surf City Half Marathon. Dave and I were running support and I was also the designated photographer for the event. This is Ashley’s first half marathon since Long Beach Half where she injured her knee pretty bad. She has been working with Gerardo Barrios at Fortius Coaching to rehab the knee and get herself back in running shape. The goal for this half mary was to execute a very specific plan throughout the race to make sure she made it to the finish line in one piece. Michelle is currently training for Ironman Canada and also has a goal of a half mary a month. She was a bit under the weather though, so her goal was much the same as Ashley’s….finish in one piece.

Race started at 7:45am and ran down in front of our condo on PCH. The marathon actually started at 6:30am and we saw those people come by when we woke up.


Breakfast was simple for Ashley and Michelle of some Special K we picked up at the local CVS. We all headed to the start line with the girls jogging ahead of our lazy butts to get a warm up in.

Dave and I didn’t make it down to the start in time so we hung back up the road about a half mile. The start was very cool with some old Woodies leading the way.

The Start

I forgot that Ashley wanted me to take her jacket from her at the start, so she handed it off just after.

Jacket Handoff

Michelle actually came by first and gave Dave a high five!

High Five at the Start

After the start, Dave and I headed for breakfast down Main Street. We found a great little cafe and hung out for a while just shooting the shit. After about an hour, we decided to head back up to PCH and watch the girls finish.







Michelle with about a mile to go


Michelle came through first looking strong. You would never know she had been ill leading up to this race.







Ashley came through on schedule and looked fantastic. In fact, I didn’t notice her right away and had to race to try and catch up and get a photo. TWICE! because I couldn’t catch her. So her race plan worked and left her feeling great at the end of the race….which was the whole point.

Ashley racing to the line!

We met up at the finish and got a photo of the girls with their finisher medals and headed off to El Torrito Brunch which was great! Wonderful weekend and I’m glad I could be there to help Ashley, although, I would have rather been racing for sure!



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