Camarillo Duathlon Championship

After being postponed three times from November 2010 to January 31, 2011, the Camarillo Duathlon Series finally had its championship race with no help from Mother Nature. Ashley and I had a rather uneventful morning getting up to the race with only one dog walk to do ; )

A look at Transition

We arrived and it was business as usual at the Camarillo Airport. Most of the same faces and a pretty typical turnout for this low key race. We did notice that the ever faithful race director, Bill Escobar, had acquired a few more banners and did reorganize the small transition area. Everything looked good to go.

I had a discussion with my coach, Brian Stover, a few days prior as to how I would

Ashley and My Cervleo's

tackle this race and if I should race at all given my running injury. We decided that I would just do 1 loop of the two loop run course and then complete the 20 mile bike. After that, I would bow out gracefully and just withdraw from the race. I let the race organizers know ahead of time exactly what I was doing so that there was no confusion. These people do their absolute best, but sometimes get a little confused with all that is going on and I certainly didn’t want to add to that. Ashley, on the other hand, has been doing great with her training and was definitely looking for a new PR at this race. The goal for her was to try and break 2 hours….last time coming in at 2:02.

Starting Line

Same start as always, Bill standing on the side of the road saying, “ummm, ok, GO!” I just laid back and jogged at the trail end of the pack. At about half way through the first loop, I stopped and waited for the leaders to come by on their second loop. I didn’t want to get in the mix for the lead because I was only doing one loop. I knew I would catch most of them on the bike and, again, didn’t want to add to the confusion. Ashley was motoring along and I saw her twice on the run….she looked great!. Plan was, after the run, absolutely pin the bike and use this as an opportunity to do more power testing.

Just about a mile in to the Bike Segment

Got on the bike and the previous days training was pretty evident. I was dealing with some fatigue and trying to hold super high watts wasn’t going that well. I could tell I wasn’t going to be able to sustain…but, since this was a test, let’s test…I kept pushing. If I blow up, who cares, let’s see what I can do. Well, I settled in and the fatigue started to go away and I actually had higher power on the second lap…that’s why we test folks! Rain started to fall and the roads turned to mud because of all the farms in the area. Came in and was glad I was done and didn’t have to run again. I passed everyone on the bike except the leader who put some time in on me. He was on the gas!

I got warm and got ready to greet Ashley as she was returning from the bike. She came in and looked like she just

Ashley at the start of the bike

raced a Grand Prix….she was covered in mud and it was all up her back…lol….and she was soaked. She said she felt good though and took off on the run. She came around the halfway point of the second run with 12 minutes to spare on breaking 2 hours….at 1.5 miles left to go, that meant she had to hold 8 minute miles the last mile and a half. She did it! Came in at 1:59:30…although her Garmin said 1:58:xx but we’ll find out when the official results come in….quit frankly, I trust her Garmin more than the official race clock ; )

Ashley in the rain at the finish

Doesn’t matter though, she accomplished her goal and we had a great time as usual at this little fun race. They hold these three times a year and I’m sure we’ll be at each one.

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