Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon Race Report

Pre-race routine:

Woke up around 5am…had my standard breakfast and headed down to the race. It was about a 20 minute drive from my house here in Vegas. Parked at Luxor and Ashley and I walked to the start. I was in the 1st corral.

Event warmup:

No running. Just dynamic stretching and some very light static stretching on my abdomen and groin…just to get them loose.


The goal for this race was to run smart. By that, I mean start at a realistic pace I felt I could hold for the entire race. I always have a habit of starting too fast in running races. I was going to try and really not pay attention to those around me and run my own race.

The course is basically flat, but it is downhill going North and then slightly uphill coming back South.

We took off and I could immediately tell my legs felt great. They just felt solid with no fatigue in them. First two miles were super easy…felt like I was going WAY too slow. Turned out both miles were 6:37, 6:36. I was really happy with that pace based on my goals of sub 7 min. I knew we were going slightly downhill and thought the first few miles might be a tad fast…and that would be ok.

Went through 5k at 21:06 and felt great. No aid up to this point. Joined up with a girl and we were running the exact same pace (although she was doing the full). We ran together until the turn around and I picked up the intensity a little to cope with the slight incline of the course in order to keep my pace the same and I seemed to drop her.

At mile 7 I took my gel at the request of my coach, as well as some water. I got one more water at about mile 10 and that was it.

Miles were clicking off like clockwork:

Mile 3 6:52
Mile 4 6:48
Mile 5 6:56
Mile 6 6:51
Mile 7 6:57
Mile 8 6:53
Mile 9 6:50
Mile 10 6:38
Mile 11 7:21
Mile 12 6:00
Mile 13 7:04

Obviously there was a Garmin issue at Mile 11 and 12…

I went through 10K at 42:29 and was super pleased with that. Around that same time my friend Blue was leading the 3:00 pace group for the full Mary. I decided to run with them, or at least try to, because that was the pace I was shooting…actually it was slightly faster and they slowly worked away from me towards the last few miles.

I tried to give the last 5K a go and you can see the push at mile 10 but the course took an uphill incline and I started to get really tired at about mile 11. The last two miles were tough…and I must say, they were the only tough part of the race. I guess that is a good sign of good pacing.

Just before the finish...Race is getting tough!

My Garmin had the course being long at 13.29…but who knows as the Garmin did flip out and could be wrong. Doesn’t matter. Finished very strong and only took maybe a minute to start felling better.

What would you do differently?:

Nothing. I’m excited that I executed this race so well being my first half. Now the goal is to continue to work on the run and be able to run this time in a Half Ironman.

Post race
Warm down:

Some stretching but felt sooo good. No soreness at all…

What limited your ability to perform faster:


Event comments:

The bands were awesome and really helped to break up the monotony. Definitely be back next year….

Final Results:1:30:23   Pace: 6:54/mile

Age Group: 22nd out of 1329

Overall: 201st out of 19186

Chicked: 36 Times

About Dusty Nabor

I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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