Turkey Day Dash!

YMCA Turkey Day Dash 5K was today and Casey, Ashley and I decided to give it a go. It was absolutely FREEZING this morning and it never really warmed up for the race. This race took place in Thousand Oaks and The Oaks Shopping Center. It literally ran along the outskirts of the parking lot. There were WAY more people than we thought there would be. Probably about 2000 or so.

Ashley had a good race in that nothing hurt and her breathing was fine. She is still very cautious though and doesn’t want to push anything too soon. She ran the entire time though and crossed the finish line strong!

Casey had a good race too. He was a bit disappointed with his time until I let him know the course was about .16 of a mile long…which adds about a minute to your finish time. He was happy with his performance and is going to maybe try a 10K soon.

I planned on running however I felt…lol. That means I didn’t really care about my time and was just going to run a strong pace and not really kill myself. Again, I went out too fast at 5:46. I know I can’t sustain that pace but I always get caught up in the moment and the fresh legs. After about a mile and a half, I started to get tired and back it down a touch. I came through mile 2 at 6:27…meh…I was really tired for the rest of the race. I mean like sleepy tired and not a lot of energy. I’ve run a TON this week and obviously am not going to back off my training to do a little 5K, so the energy reserves were low. But, I managed a 6:27 last mile ( I thought it was going to be much slower, at least it felt slow) and finished with a time of 20:20…if the course had been correct distance this would have been a 19:25 or so. I’m really happy with that. Very close to my personal best and I didn’t feel at all like I was giving it my best shot.

So back to logging big miles tomorrow. I went for a very nice maiden ride on the S3 this afternoon and it is a spectacular bike. More on that later.

Casey and Ashley getting ready to race!

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I'm an Age Group triathlete out of Southern California...
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